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Philip Anselmo Wants to Do a Judas Priest-Style Metal Band

"I've been kind of feeling more Halford lately"
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Philip Anselmo has a hankering to do an "old-school" metal band in the vein of Judas Priest. In a new interview with Drew Stone of The New York Hardcore Chronicles Live!, the Pantera frontman revealed that he recently had a new studio installed next to his house, and he's been working on some ideas for a potential new project. It sounds like he's still in the very early stages of deciding what his next musical venture will even sound like, but one of the directions he's leaning toward would allow him to explore his range in the style of Rob Halford. 

"I just pretty much had a new studio installed next door, and we're working all kind of bugs out and whatnot," Anselmo said. "So I tell my guy, my engineer, I tell him, I said, 'Just program some drums, man. Give me some drums. Give me a different drum beat every day — up beat, down beat, whatever. Give me something.' So I'll walk in, there's a drumbeat, and I'll just pick up any instrument and just go right off the cuff. And it is some of the worst music you can imagine.

"I don't know, man. I'm this close, man — I'm this close. I'm feeling something. We'll see what it is. I've got a couple of options. I just don't know, man. If it's gonna be metal, I wanna do it old school, man. I've been kind of feeling more Halford lately, man, vocal-wise, just singing, using my range again. So, we'll see. It's gotta be right."

While Anselmo adopted a more hardcore delivery style from Vulgar Display of Power onward, he was a fucking belter on his first two records with Pantera, and his recent goth-rock project En Minor saw him exploring his more poignant, clean-vocal side. Hearing him return to his Eighties metal roots and rip through some Priest-style stuff would be awesome, but we'll see what he actually ends up doing. 

Check out the full interview below via YouTube.