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Polyphia's Clay Gober: 5 Surprising Albums I Love

From avant-garde soul to "good acid trip" music, bassist for Texas instrumental-shred crew reveals his left-field favorites
polyphia PRESS 2019, Travie Shoots
Polyphia, 2018
photograph by Travie Shoots

Prog-metal upstarts Polyphia are one of the most exciting and eclectic acts in the virtuosic instrumental scene. But far from nose-in-the-tablature muso nerds, this Texas crew is fun, self-effacing and gleefully unapologetic about their mission to "stir the pot with our bullshittery."

The quartet — guitarists and co-founders Scott LePage and Tim Henson, bassist Clay Gober and drummer Clay Aeschliman — are truly having the best time delivering their millennial blend of genre-blurring shred. Reflecting their diverse sound, the musicians draw from a wide range of influences. For his part, Gober not only worships at the altar of classic rock, groove metal and grunge gods — he also draws inspiration from many left-of-center artists. Below, he reveals the five records he loves that may surprise his fans: from Frank Ocean's avant-garde soul to Ry X's "good acid trip" music and more.

Blackbear - Digital Druglord (2017)

One of the only albums I've listened to in the last five or so years that I can jam cover to cover and not have any sort of visceral itch to skip to the next song. Nothing but bangers.

Frank Ocean - Blonde (2016)

I jam Blonde when I'm sad because it makes me more sad. When I'm in a mood, I listen to shit that pushes me further down that rabbit hole.

All Them Witches - Our Mother Electricity (2012)

I got really into this band after being referred to them by a friend of mine in England.

Mac Miller - The Divine Feminine (2016)

That track with Anderson .Paak ["Dang!"] is fucking sick. Mac was just a really cool artist. We jammed him a lot when we were in the studio making our first album. His music will always take me back.

Ry X - Dawn (2016)

I don't think there's anything better than Ry X on a good acid trip. Maybe hop in the pool. Shit ...