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Power Trip to Fox News for Playing Band's Music: "CEASE & DESIST"

"Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)" featured twice on afternoon talk show 'The Five'
Power Trip 2017 Getty, Harmony Gerber/Getty Images
photograph by Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

In one of 2017's most baffling TV/metal crossovers, Power Trip's "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)" — off this year's excellent album Nightmare Logic, which ranked high on our list of the Best Albums of 2017 — found its way onto the Fox News program The Five yesterday, December 6th. The ripper played twice: Once as the show returned from commercials, and again as they went to break. Co-host Greg Gutfield even name-dropped the group on the former occasion, marking the first (and probably last) time you'll hear Power Trip referenced on a conservative-leaning cable news show.

Power Trip weren't exactly thrilled by the signal boost, as Pitchfork points out. When fans began tweeting at them about it, the band replied, "Is this a joke?" A fan later proposed they sue Fox News, prompting another outraged tweet from the Texans: "CEASE & DESIST." You can catch the crossover here at the 27:45 and 33:30 marks, or via the below fan footage.