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Rammstein Play New Music for Astronaut in Outer Space

Neue Deutsche Härte icons showed unreleased song to International Space Station commander
rammstein 2019 PRESS, Jens Koch
Rammstein, 2019
photograph by Jens Koch

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Rammstein have new music ready to go, but so far, no one on earth has heard it. We mean that last part literally, because technically an astronaut who's currently stationed in outer fucking space has been treated to the worldwide — or rather, solar system-wide — premiere of an unreleased song. 

As Rammstein drummer Christopher Schneider revealed in an Instagram post, he was somehow able to get linked up with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who's now orbiting the earth on the International Space Station. The two of them engaged in a friendly Zoom call, and at some point during the conversation, Schneider gave Pesquet an exclusive premiere of a brand new Rammstein song. 

"Space is calling! I had the honor to speak with ISS astronaut Thomas Pesquet on behalf of Rammstein," Schneider wrote on Instagram. "He is the current commander of the ISS and living in space since half a year. It felt like a [childhood] dream coming true for me – talking to a person living in the sky, sharing a glimpse of his view, realizing again how small we all are compared to the depth of the universe."

"He was the first to listen to one of our new songs from the upcoming album," Schneider continued. "It premiered in the sky, which is an honor for us. Thank you NASA, European Space Agency and Thomas for this unique experience."

We still have no idea when those of us on planet earth will get to hear the new track, but with a 2022 North American tour on the horizon, the day can't be too far off. Stay tuned.