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Rammstein's "Deutschland": Hear Industrial Dance Remix by Richard Z. Kruspe

Guitarist puts Kraftwerk-flavored techno spin on band's new single
rammstein_olaf_heine.jpg, Olaf Heine
Rammstein, 2017
photograph by Olaf Heine

By now, you should have heard the news: Rammstein are back after an eight-year break from making new music with "Deustchland" and its stunning, cinematic video. With the release of the single today, March 28th, comes a techno-industrial dance remix by the band's guitarist (and Emigrate frontman) Richard Z. Kruspe. 

The track — running just a few seconds longer than the original — takes the skeleton of its predecessor and strips away the aggressive guitars and Teutonic vocals in lieu of glimmering piano lines that lie hauntingly stark amid a flurry of robotic vocal refrains á la German electronic-music progenitors Kraftwerk, slowly building atmosphere and intricacy before dropping out periodically to focus on the traveling synth line of the bass. 

Equally perfect for clubbing, getting ready to go clubbing, or even just taking a long walk while looking to zone out, the remix is a cool, lighthearted reimagining of the new single, with all the bombast and controversy stripped away. Hear it below via Spotify.