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Rammstein's "Sonne": Hear Black Satellite's Heavier, Nastier Cover

NYC up-and-comers present decimating reinvention of Neue Deutsche Härte classic

With an extremely unique and off-the-wall sound, Rammstein aren't an easy band to cover without sounding like a deflated version of the original. However, Black Satellite, an up-and-coming industrial duo from New York City, managed to make it look easy on their decimating rendition of "Sonne," which we're proud to be premiering above. 

The band — vocalist Larissa Vale and guitarist Kyle Hawken — are no strangers to kickass covers, having released popular renditions of Type O Negative's "I Don't Wanna Be Me" and "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" a few years back. For their take on "Sonne," a cut from Rammstein's third LP, Mutter, Black Satellite make the Neue Deutsche Härte composition sound both nastier and heavier. 

Vale's singing delivery is alternately snarling and chilling, while Hawken gives the mighty industrial riffs a modern sheen without stepping on what made them special in the first place. It's a masterclass in metal covers, and you can hear it above while watching its accompanying music video, which features a man with a deadly affinity for fire. 

"We really wanted to challenge ourselves with 'Sonne,' especially vocally," Vale tells us. "Before doing the song I hadn't spoken a word of German. It was extremely important to make sure my personality and emotion came through even while singing in a foreign language." 

"I grew up hearing my parents speak Ukrainian at home and am fairly decent at learning languages, which definitely helped a lot," she continues. "Despite these challenges, we wanted to make sure the song still felt authentic to us and our style as a band." 

Black Satellite are touring later this summer with John 5, Fozzy and Through the Fire. See the dates and snag tickets here.