Rob Zombie, Nikki Sixx, John 5 Supergroup: Hear L.A. Rats' Debut Song | Revolver

Rob Zombie, Nikki Sixx, John 5 Supergroup: Hear L.A. Rats' Debut Song

All-star crew also features former Black Sabbath drummer Tommy Clufetos

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There's a new metal supergroup in town. Rob Zombie, Nikki Sixx, guitarist John 5 (Rob Zombie, ex-Marilyn Manson) and drummer Tommy Clufetos (Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne) have formed a band called L.A. Rats and unleashed their first single, a cover of the country staple "I've Been Everywhere." 

The track appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming Netflix film, The Ice Road, so it's unclear whether the band of metal mainstays came together for just this one song, or if this is the beginning of a whole new project. Either way, the cut is a pretty interesting take on a song that's been canonized by artists like Johnny Cash and Lucky Starr. Check it out above via YouTube. 

Fans of Zombie's fruitful career will know that he pivoted from industrial metal to creepy American roots music on his 2006 record, Educated Horses, which happened to feature instrumentation from 5, Clufetos and Sixx's Mötley Crüe bandmate, Tommy Lee. Therefore, it isn't a huge surprise to hear these guys try their hand at a tune from that musical world. 

The rest of the Ice Road soundtrack mostly consists of country/folk artists like Jason Isbell, Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert, and it's out the same day The Ice Road debuts on June 25th.