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Rob Zombie's '3 From Hell': Hear 3 Chilling New Songs From Movie Soundtrack

Plus rock star/director details "wicked double album" vinyl package that includes score by producer ZEUSS

Following the teaser trailer reveal of his final installment in the Firefly family trilogy 3 From Hell, horror maverick Rob Zombie has released three chilling songs from the film's eerie soundtrack composed by his longtime collaborator and producer ZEUSS. 

Titled "Bain Country," "Breakfast" and "3 Coffins Arrive," the tracks' ominous synth atmospheres hint at the mayhem to come when the previously presumed-dead family return after a long 14-year wait. Calling up the slasher-score inspiration of John Carpenter's genre-defining work in 1978's Halloween, the music is gorgeous but hair-raising all the same; a sharp tension glides over the drawn out, spacey notes in one track just before gliding into another filled with abstract clanging and off-kilter theremin samples. Listen below.

Zombie announced the forthcoming 3 From Hell soundtrack in a Instagram post earlier today (June 11th): "Be the first to snag this wicked double album from @waxworkrecords. This killer package includes 2 colored discs: disc one is the entire score by @zeussproducerand the second disc is the kickass songs you expect from a Zombie film. Along with that a 12 page booklet of never seen photos, beautiful artwork by Robert Sammelin including a gatefold!"

Sammelin's artwork (which you can see below) shows the three main characters in vivid Technicolor detail, with Sheri Moon Zombie's character, Baby, front and center looking terrified and wearing a Native American headdress in a possible clue as to where the three have been hiding.

The 3 From Hell vinyl package will include two 180-gram colored LPs (one with the score and the other with the soundtrack/songs), an essay by the director himself, behind-the-scenes photos and more. Zombie also announced the release of the first-ever vinyl pressings of the House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects soundtracks.

Head over to Waxwork Records to preorder the soundtrack, which is expected to ship out in August. No release date has been set for 3 From Hell just yet.