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Royal Blood Talk New Album, Playing for Jimmy Page, Touring With QOTSA

U.K. duo interviewed on Spotify's "Rock This With Allison Hagendorf"
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On April 30th, U.K. bass-and-drum duo Royal Blood — who count Metallica's Lars Ulrich among their many fans — are set to release album No. 3, Typhoons, and ahead of the big date, the group's Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher recently appeared on Spotify Original's show "Rock This With Allison Hagendorf." The episode, which can be streamed below, finds the twosome discussing the upcoming LP, touring with Queens of the Stone Age, bumping into Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page at their American live debut, swimming with eels during quarantine and more.

Of Page attending Royal Blood's first U.S. show, Kerr jokes that it was "horrendous." "It was like, oh, no, because at this point, we were so early on ...," he says. "And I had been playing bass for, like, two years. And I was like, I had that imposter syndrome where I was just. like, oh, no, this is the day I get found out, you know, this is where I get busted. But I remember we went straight into playing 'Hole' and he just like, he just started headbanging immediately' and I was just like, Rad, that's so sick. I have memories of listening to Led Zeppelin just getting, like, so stoned and I would just be like trying to, like, get my brain in the speaker. It was just like I wanted to be so a part of that world, you know, so for suddenly it to be a sort of like full circle moment. We were like, and there he is, like, headbanging to your riff that you probably stole from him."