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Scott Ian: Anthrax Wouldn't Exist Without 'Worship Music' and Big 4 Shows

Guitarist says their 2011 comeback album allowed them to be here 10 years later
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photograph by Travis Shinn

Scott Ian doesn't think Anthrax would be here right now if they didn't make 2011's Worship Music and play the final round of Big Four shows with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. In a new interview with Metal Hammer, the guitarist reflected on the last decade of his band's career, and came to the conclusion that if they didn't reunite with ex-singer Joey Belladonna — who hadn't played on an album since 1990's Persistence of Time — and play those arena gigs with their thrash peers, then he doesn't think Anthrax "would still be here ten years later."

"We were incredibly excited," Ian said of that era of the band. "Strictly speaking about Anthrax, we were in the weirdest part of our career in that period. At the time we didn't officially have a singer because Joey [Belladonna, vocalist] hadn't signed back on but here we were writing the record that became Worship Music. A lot of things were in flux for Anthrax at that time, so when we got that phone call, it kicked things back into gear for us in so many ways.

"We knew then we had to get Joey back in the band — he was the guy who was there when all these things were happening for us in the first place. We then pushed ourselves to finish writing and recording Worship Music, which became our comeback album. It put us in front of audiences that either hadn't heard of us, or hadn't seen us in a long time. Without those shows — and the record we put out — I honestly don't think Anthrax would still be here ten years later."

We're glad they made it this far. Below, see Ian guest on a recent guest episode of our "Fan First" podcast, talking about the greatest live band ever, Metallica, Pantera and more.