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Scott Ian Picks Best Anthrax Song for Introducing New Fans

"It's like a greatest hits in one song"
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Anthrax's Scott Ian
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As members of thrash's "Big 4," Anthrax are a band that every metalhead needs to know. The New York City crew released some of the greatest fast-and-heavy records of the 1980s, drawing from the same pool of influence as their West Coast thrash brethren and mixing it with their hometown's special breeds of fiery hardcore and equally fiery hip-hop. They've been an institution for 40 years, but with so many albums to their name, where's a newbie supposed to start?

For them, Revolver is here to help with our "Point of Entry" series, in which we ask artists to pick the single standout cut from across their entire catalog that they believe is the best place for virgin listeners to begin their journey. Below, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, while speaking with a Jackson American Series Soloist in his hands, does the honors.

"Caught in a Mosh"

It's like a greatest hits in one song. It's got so many different aspects. It's got hardcore, it's got rock, it's got metal. That main riff is like an AC/DC riff, but then you've got a hardcore breakdown in the middle, you've got the down-picking verses. It's fast, it's mid-tempo, it's slow. It's got everything.

And it's the one song — and someone will probably go to and correct me — but I'm pretty sure it's been in every live set since Among the Living came out. I think it's the one song that's never been out of the set. "Indians" has been out of set over the years.

I would also say for me, personally, it's the most fun song to play. There's just so many different things going on in the song. It really still keeps me on my toes.