SCOTT IAN: Why ANTHRAX insisted on taking QUICKSAND on tour after they released 'Slip' | Revolver

SCOTT IAN: Why ANTHRAX insisted on taking QUICKSAND on tour after they released 'Slip'

Thrash OGs defied promotors' advice to champion post-hardcore upstarts
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Anthrax's Scott Ian
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Quicksand's post-hardcore classic Slip turns 30 this year, and to commemorate the milestone, Iodine Recordings is reissuing the album in multiple lavish packages. The most deluxe of these includes a hardcover book packed with rare photos and testimonials from famous fans in Anthrax, Helmet, Sepultura, Thursday, Refused, Agnostic Front, Snapcase, Cave In and more.

Anthrax's contribution comes from guitarist Scott Ian (also of Mr. Bungle), who goes way back with Quicksand, having taken them out on the road with his thrash band back in the Nineties, shortly after Slip's release. Below, he looks back on that momentous tour, which also included White Zombie playing in main support.

"When Anthrax started planning the tour that would follow the release of Sound of White Noise in May of 1993 we knew we wanted Quicksand on the bill," Ian says. "White Zombie (who we also wanted) had already been confirmed to open in the middle slot and the promoters were pushing 'bands that could sell tickets' for us to put on in the opening slot. The promoters request was summarily ignored.

"This was our tour and we were going to give the ticket-buying audience what we considered to be the best package we could curate for them. Whether or not a band could 'sell tickets' was not something we ever took into consideration. We somewhat selfishly (because we wanted to be able to watch Quicksand every night) forced the issue and got Quicksand on the bill ...

"That summer tour was a blast — killer shows from start to finish. Quicksand easily converted the thousands of first-timers seeing them and, I got to see them 30 times. I'm listening to Slip as I write this and it sounds so fresh like it could've been made last week."