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See 6-Year-Old Boy Cover Korn's "Here to Stay" With Kid Band

O'Keefe Music Foundation students crush nu-metal classic

Korn are certainly not the first band that comes to mind in a list of metal groups who are easy to cover. Between bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu's complicated slap-bass lines, James "Munky" Shaffer's off-kilter guitar licks and, most of all, Jonathan Davis' emotionally erratic and uniquely nasally vocal wails, the nu-metal giants aren't exactly karaoke mainstays.

However, one six-year-old boy named Michael Dalhover and his band of fellow youngsters make it look easy. In a new video created by the O'Keefe Music Foundation, Dalhover gets behind the mic and crushes an absolutely spot-on (for a six-year-old, that is) cover of "Here to Stay," the lead single from Korn's 2002 opus, Untouchables.

Alongside four other musicians whose ages range from nine to 18, the first-grade-aged metalhead manages to nail Davis' complex vocal inflections, and he even carries the rising-and-falling melody with impressive ease. He genuinely sounds like someone whose spent a lot of time listening to Korn — and as it turns out, he has!

According to the video description, Dalhover's parents are huge Korn fans who've been taking their son to see the nu-metal band for years, so it's no wonder his performance sounded like a second-nature showing. This might be Dalhover's big break into the metal world, but from the sounds of it, it seems like he's ... here to stay (please clap).

Watch the whole, cute-as-hell performance above via YouTube.

The O'Keefe Music Foundation is an organization that provides free music education to children and adolescents — and seemingly specializes in awesome heavy-metal covers. Find out more about the foundation and make a donation over their official website.