See 9-Year-Old Girl Scream Spiritbox's "Holy Roller" on 'America's Got Talent' | Revolver

See 9-Year-Old Girl Scream Spiritbox's "Holy Roller" on 'America's Got Talent'

Kid also joined Courtney LaPlante and Co. onstage in London for a live duet

Last year, a nine-year-old musician named Harper blew the internet's mind with a studio cover of Spiritbox's crushing djent-core banger, "Holy Roller." Seeing an elementary school-aged kid crushing the vocals for such a monstrously heavy song was wild, but now Harper has taken her love of the song to the next level and performed it for a panel of celebrity judges — including former American Idol judge, Simon Cowell — on America's Got Talent.

First off, watching anyone bust out a Spiritbox song on national television is fucking awesome in its own right, but to see a nine-year-old prodigy confidently growling onstage in front of a sea of bewildered audience members is beyond cool. Of course, any metalheads in the crowd or watching at home would've loved Harper's take on "Holy Roller," but what was genuinely insane is that the judges loved her enough to grant her three "yes's," with the hard-to-please Cowell even describing the performance as "brilliant." 

As if that wasn't cool enough, Harper also made an appearance at Spiritbox's June 14th show in London, coming out onstage for "Holy Roller" and dueting the track with Courtney LaPlante while the crowd went fucking wild. Check that out below via YouTube, and watch the America's Got Talent audition above.