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See 9-Year-Old Girl's Incredible Cover of Spiritbox's "Holy Roller"

Young musician named Harper absolutely crushes metalcore banger

Spiritbox's 2020 single "Holy Roller" is arguably their heaviest song. The Canadian trio fronted by Courtney LaPlante seem to have found a sweet-spot between djenty riffs and swooning clean vocals, but "Holy Roller" is a monstrous metalcore banger with ferocious screams, which makes it all the more surprising to hear a 9-year-old girl absolutely nail it. 

On Wednesday, a young musician named Harper uploaded her very first video to YouTube, and it's a professionally-recorded cover of the Spiritbox heater. Unlike what you would expect from a child singer whose voice isn't close to being fully developed, Harper legitimately nails LaPlante's ferocious range and brings the power of a vocalist twice her size and with many more years of experience. 

"Harper wanted to cover Spiritbox, and it sounded so sick, so we also did a little video," reads the video's description. "No vocal help from me at all!"

It's incredibly impressive. Check it out above via YouTube.