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See 9-Year-Old Kid Jump on Bar to Scream Pantera's "Walk"

O'Keefe Foundation youngsters do Cowboys From Hell proud once again

Everyone's favorite Pantera-loving kids are back once again with another joyous tribute to the Cowboys From Hell. The youngsters of the O'Keefe Music Foundation have taken on classics by the Texan metal icons before — from "Drag the Waters" to "I'm Broken" — but now they've finally turned their attention to Pantera's signature song, "Walk," and, as seen in the awesome video above, they've done so with the confidence and power that it deserves.

Fronting this particular collection of underage players is nine-year-old Colt Sheddin, who transforms from a seemingly mild-mannered bespectacled child into a unhinged metal maniac, backed by guitarist Aidan Fisher (age 16), bassist Jonas Miller (15) and drummer Justin Laroche (15). Young Sheddin even jumps on top of the bar at Westy's Pub in Cincinnati, Ohio, where the quartet are seen performing, commanding the crowd into a gang-vocal chant of the song's anthemic chorus.

If you've enjoyed the young crew's various covers and videos and want to support the organization's excellent cause of rock & roll education, the O'Keefe Music Foundation accepts donations in order to keep running. "The recording sessions, the vinyl records, the posters, the music videos ... all of this is FREE for the students," states the group's pledge page, with different cash denominations listed, as well as a custom donation option. In the words of the organization, "Art gives voice to our dreams — and live music performance is becoming a dying art." But far from dead yet, judging from this video above.