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See Amenra Perform Fire Ritual in Explosive "Voor Immer" Video

Psychedelic visual puts reverse-colored filter on erupting flames for mystical effect

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Later this month, Amenra will unleash their new album, De Doorn, via Relapse Records. The Belgium post-metal ritualists have already previewed the opus with a pair of spectacular singles, and now they've released a mystical video to complement the latter, "Voor Immer," which also happens to be the album's closing track. 

The video features footage of a fire ritual with inverted colors that turns everything, including the flickering flames, into black-and-white shapes. The song itself is a slow-burner that's mostly spoken-word during the first half, but when it finally explodes into doomy grandeur halfway through, the visual follows suit with some truly magnificent shots. Grab a candle, dim the lights and check it out above via YouTube. 

"'Voor Immer' ('For Ever') was one of the first songs we wrote for De Doorn," vocalist Colin H. van Eeckhout commented. "We played it for the very first time in 2018 on the city square of Dixmude, West Flanders Belgium. Accompanied by the carillon, its bells a typical instrument from Belgium and the low countries, we connected the earth with the sky. It was initially written for a commemoration ceremony of the ending of the first world war. 

He continued, "Images of widows and mothers bereft of their sons. Destroyed cities and whom was left to die. Finding strength and courage to rebuild what once was there, without what was theirs.The last time we played it live was in Menen, West Flanders Belgium [at the] end of 2019. That night, we gathered and burnt all our unacknowledged loss. Revealing by fire the 20-foot high bronze Amenra statue glowing red, a symbol of hope. This is a song about finding that hope, the strength to carry on. Its content ever present in the world today."

De Doorn will officially arrive June 25th via Relapse Records. There are still a vinyl copies left in our shop, so make sure to grab yours while you still can. Additionally, the band will be celebrating the record's release with a livestream concert on June 27th. Find more info and snag tickets here.

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