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See Anna Von Hauswolff's Stunning New Video for "Dolore di Orsini"

Sunn O)))-approved drone gets breathtaking visual

Anna Von Hauswolff's music isn't metal per se, but there's good reason why she's signed to headbanger stronghold Southern Lord and has played in support of such heavy hitters as Sunn O))), Swans and Refused. The Swedish composer's latest album, September's All Thoughts Fly, finds her reinventing the pipe organ into an instrument of vast, haunting drone. Among its highlights is the doomy and melancholic "Dolore di Orsini." Today (December 3rd), Von Hauswolff has teamed with Revolver to premiere said track's music video, which brings the cut's grief-stricken crawl to surreal life. Watch above.

All Thoughts Fly was inspired by Sacro Bosco, a garden in Italy that was commissioned in the 16th Century by Pier Francesco Orsini. According to some, it was his way of processing his grief following the death of his wife. Others have speculated that the purpose was to create art.

"'Dolore di Orsini' is a song about profound sadness and finding freedom in grief," Von Hauswolff tells us. "It's inspired by the idea that Pier Orsini, a wealthy patron of arts, created the garden Sacro Bosco as a way to cope with grief and loss after losing his wife, Giulia Farnese. I look at the park as a symbol for love where love is an incitement for chaos and harmony. The video depicts Mr. Orsini burying his wife, the passing of time in nature, and sculptures taking shape and being set up by the help of a spirit. A movement forwards whilst looking backwards."