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See THE ARMED dance in the streets in new "Liar 2" video

Hardcore pranksters get their groove on

The Armed are gearing up to drop their fourth studio album, Perfect Saviors, a follow-up to 2021's ULTRAPOP, later this month. The Detroit-based hardcore pranksters have already released "Sport of Form" and "Everything's Glitter" and today, the band are back with a third single, "Liar 2." The track comes with a choreographed dance video that stars Dan Greene and Crystal Robinson grooving on the sidewalk.

"We tend to be drawn to juxtaposition and trying to make disparate things fit in new ways to discover some novel aesthetic resonance or emotional response," Tony Wolski, the band's vocalist (and co-producer of the album) says, adding, "This is a dancey, happy track about being in the deepest pits of despair and giving way to lies and delusion as your only means of survival."

Arriving August 25th via Sargent House, Perfect Saviors includes contributions from Julien Baker, Sarah Tudzin (illuminati hotties), Matt Sweeney, Mark Guiliana, Patrick Shiroishi, Justin Meldal-Johnsen and more. The album concludes a trilogy of albums that dissect what drives "pop culture" in a world of infinite information and connection.

Tickets to the Perfect Saviors Tour are on sale now, with more dates to be announced soon.

Check out the Armed's "Liar 2" video above.

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