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Hear L.A. Punks Beach Bums' Bittersweet New Song "iguesswechanged"

Genre-busting single channels pandemic isolation and SoCal vibes

Dubbed "the Wu-Tang of Los Angeles punk" by OC Weekly, Beach Bums are a shape-shifting music collective drawing on diverse cultural influences. But unlike the decidedly hip-hop Wu-Tang, Beach Bums — which formed in 2015 shortly after the band members left high school — defy easy genre classification, dabbling in metal, hardcore, garage rock, rap and more across their releases.

Their latest offering is the single "iguesswechanged," a product of pandemic isolation and the wounds of inequality growing up in SoCal's underground. Gliding between bedroom pop, lo-fi rap and frenetic punk-rock bursts, the song is due out February 19th via Lolipop Records and arrives paired with a chill, vibrant music video, edited by DAWS, in which the band members notably rep heavy bands like Death and Municipal Waste.

"I was getting bored of the current indie music sound," Beach Bums' Jewg Teng tells us of the song. "I needed something new ... I wanted to make an indie record without traditional indie band instruments, so I did exactly that. Threw some 808s, auto tune and programmed drums that crossed between electronic and live kits." Listen and watch above.