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See Behemoth Reimagine Crucifixion in Profane New "Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica" Video

Dark clips presents 'Hellraiser'-esque Christ figure set on fire, while the band delivers masked desert performance

Polish blackened-death master Behemoth have unleashed a hellish new video for "Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica," taken from their latest full-length I Loved You At Your Darkest. The dimly lit, incendiary clip features a Christ-like figure in various states of torture as the band rages on in terrifying masks in some desert performance, providing yet another blasphemous, iconoclastic view into the Satanic mind of Nergal and his evil crew. 

The central figure, appearing as some undead version of Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise, is shown first solitary in bondage, ropes stretching from some offscreen source to hold him in a dark, isolated place as interspersed footage of the band playing amid flames and an empty night sky flashes throughout the scene. Imagery of the protagonist cycles through changes rapidly, including a reoccurring scene where he is seen with a church seeming to grow from or be strapped to his back. The obvious criticisms of Christianity's dogmatic omnipresence abound, in keeping with Behemoth's overarching artistic theme. 


As the video continues, the confines of the lead character become more and more horrifying. He is shown crucified, with not just the standard nails to keep him in place on the cross, but enormous spikes cast from every inch of exposed flesh. By the final scene, a montage of all these situations flashes at the viewer in rapid succession as flames engulf the Christ-man and blood pours from his open mouth. Unsettling yet somehow done in beautiful and believable fashion, the video's aesthetic is the most visceral of the band's offerings from the album cycle thus far, and the commentary on their impassioned hatred of the church shines through without hindrance. 

I Loved You At Your Darkest is available now on Metal Blade Records. Behemoth kicks off their European tour tomorrow, January 10th—see here for a full list of dates.