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See Berlin Darkwave Act Bestial Mouths' Eerie New "INSHROUDSS" Video

Otherworldly dance track comes paired with stirring clip full of insane costumes

Born of New York City and Los Angeles but based in Berlin, darkwave group Bestial Mouths weave manic, fluctuating vocals with dark electronic dance beats and spiky industrial elements for a fascinating and engaging sound wholly their own. With their latest track "INSHROUDSS" and its wildly captivating video, the trio show their ability to create truly singular aural and visual art while tapping into fetish culture, magic and nightmares.

"There is dark fabric suffocating my entire being, filling my lungs, binding limbs," Bestial Mouths singer and the bewitching star of the video Lynette Cerezo offers of the song and visual. "A physical, emotional and mental bondage in life, a confusion as to why the other can not see that I have become a shell of a human. Stagnate, gray, slowly vanishing. When it becomes hard to breath, reality is questionable."

The surreal imagery and moving performances, indeed, make it tempting to question the nature of reality's fabric, as both the song and video explore light and dark in a gorgeous but unnerving way. A stark color pallette and eerie transformation scenes echo the reverberating, distant vocals; the effect is confrontation without abject aggression, a moment that conveys darkness in subtle, obscured tones. 

If you enjoy what you heard and saw above, Bestial Mouths have a large back catalog available on their Bandcamp page. An EP also titled INSHROUDSS is due out October 28th via Rune & Ruin Records — you can pre-order it here and catch the band live at one of the dates below.

Bestial Mouths tour dates:

10/9 Prague, Czech Republic at Punctum
10/10 Berlin, Germany at Acud Macht Neue
10/19 Tallinn, Estonia at HALL w/ Body Machine Body Festival IX
10/ 25 Paris, France at Protocol

11/15 San Diego, CA at Space 
11/21 San Antonio, TX at The Amp Room
11/23 Miami, FL at Las Rosas