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See Bjork Play Badass Metal Version of "Army of Me" on U.K. TV in 1995

Backed by Skunk Anansie

Though you wouldn't necessarily guess it from her music, Björk is a die-hard fan of heavy metal, particularly its more extreme subgenres, tapping Carcass to remix "Isobel," praising Cannibal Corpse's Corpsegrinder as "the Freddy Mercury of death metal" and more. Metal artists have reciprocated the love, covering many of Björk's songs, but especially "Army of Me," the Post standout that, with its steamroller bassline, is practically a metal anthem already. Everyone from Helmet to Powerman 5000 have recorded renditions over the years, but the first heavy band to take a crack at it were U.K. rabble-rousers Skunk Anansie, who did so in 1995 joined by Björk herself.

The Icelandic star released "Army of Me" as a single on April 24th that year, and just a few days before she appeared on the long-running British music chart television show Top of the Pops to premiere the song. What she actually premiered was a badass metalized "remix" of the cut, backed by Skunk Anansie. (A studio version of the remix would later appear on the 2011 soundtrack to the movie Sucker Punch.) Fitting for the extra dark take on the tune, Björk appeared in a crystaline black dress, looking like some kind of gothic ice queen. Watch above.