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See Black-Metal Band Mutilation Rites Record New Album at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus

Go behind the scenes of the unusual record-making process

Brooklyn-based black-metal outfit Mutilation Rites are gearing up for the release of their latest offering, Chasm, via Gilead Media on July 20th (you can pre-order your copy here). The first effort to feature drummer Tyler Coburn (Yautja, Gnarwal, etc.), the LP also saw bassist Ryan Jones multi-tasking as producer and engineer, and guitarist Michael Dimmitt capturing behind-the-scenes video of the album-making process — the latter of which can be viewed above. The nearly-10-minute-long doc Mutilation Rites — The Making of Chasm details the recording process, which took place at the band's most frequented venue, their hometown's metal sanctuary Saint Vitus.

"This was a special place and time for our band," Dimmitt comments. "After spending three years writing this record and having the great pleasure of collaborating with Tyler Coburn on drums, it was something I wanted to capture for the sake of prosperity.

"I drove my bandmates completely crazy during this whole process. They are focusing on laying down the perfect tracks and here I am adjusting two cameras, waiting for them to get situated so I can get focus, pressing record on two cameras, moving tripods around and then running over to my guitar and then not even remembering what song we are tracking. I got screamed at by each one of them multiple times, and I can't blame them. Tyler at one point says, 'Dammit, Michael. I'm trying to recording an album. I don't care about your stupid home movie!' I think everyone is happy that I did it at this point. I had the easiest job in the recording process. Tyler laying down those intense drum parts. George is playing guitar, singing and pulling lyrics out of his ass. Ryan is tracking, mixing, singing and playing bass. I needed more of challenge than just playing guitar."