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See Blackwater Holylight Cruise Around in Sunsoaked Video for "Around You"

Stoner doom band embrace bright shoegaze vibes in gorgeous new visual

Last month, the Portland, Oregon, stoner doom crew Blackwater Holylight announced their third LP, Silence/Motion, with a gorgeous new single called "Around You." Out next month, the album sees the band embracing a richer, brighter palette of musical textures, which come streaming through on "Around You" like sunlight through an open window. 

Today (September 8th), we're proud to be premiering a stunning new music video for "Around You" that bring the song's chromatic sonic sensibilities to life.

In the visual, the band members cruise around in classic cars — a snazzy El Camino and a sleek Firebird — and a couple motorcycles while letting that, ahem, holy light rain down upon them. In between the actions shots is footage of the band jamming together in a well-lit practice space, rocking out heartily to the song's crunchy groove. 

Musically, "Around You" takes Blackwater Holylight's doomy desert rock sound and crosses it with the glimmering beauty of a shoegaze band like Slowdive. It's a really nice pairing of sounds that feels like a fresh take on the doomgaze subgenre. Watch and listen above via YouTube. 

Silence/Motion is out October 22nd via RidingEasy Records and is currently available for pre-order.