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See Bodies "Drown" in Rebreather and Frayle's Supernatural New Joint Video

Stunning post-metal collaboration between Ohio doom bands

On their own, Ohio doom bands Rebreather and Frayle are formidable low-and-slow acts, but together? They're practically unstoppable. Later this year, Rebreather will release their new LP, The Line, Its Width and the War Drone, and the Youngstown crew decided to call on their buds from Cleveland to craft an incredibly compelling lead single called "Drown." 

What's more, the two Midwestern crushers also filmed a stunningly supernatural music video for the track, which we're proud to be premiering today along with the album's official announcement. 

Revolver HQ has been fond of Frayle's witchy take on doom for a couple years now, and the way their sound blends with Rebreather's trudging, graceful and surprisingly catchy breed of sludgy post-metal sounds like it was meant to be. "Drown" offers an exceptionally well-done variant of loud/soft dynamic tension, with crisp production quality and tight performances, but it's Frayle vocalist Gwyn Strang's otherworldly yelps that bring it to life. 

In the video, the stoic frontwoman is dressed like a creepy spirit from another realm as she one-by-one takes hypnotized men into a backyard pool and croons a musical spell before shoving them under to their demise. Watch and listen above via YouTube. 

"We finished recording 'Drown' and got through the overdubs, but there was a sense that it felt like a little something was missing," Rebreather guitarist-vocalist Barley Rantilla says. "We ended up shooting what we had finished over to our friends Sean [Bilovecky] and Gwyn [Strang] to see if they were interested in adding some of their Frayle magic to it." 

He continues, "When they shot back the demo of what they wanted to add, we were blown away. This was not only 'our' song anymore, it was totally possessed by Frayle. Gwyn's vocals added such a great dark melody and Sean's guitar layers pushed everything into the right space. A couple weeks later, Sean hit us up with an idea to film a video for the song. The videos he's done for Frayle are rad, so I guess we kind of trusted him."

"Shooting was cool," he adds. "We definitely inhaled more than enough water being drowned by Gwyn, but we all survived in the end."

The Line, Its Width and the Wardrone is due out December 3rd via Aqualamb Records and pre-orders are live now. See the artwork and track listing below. 

Redbreather The Line cover art

The Line, Its Width and the War Drone track listing:
"It Comes In Three's" 
"Silent H"
"Choke On It"
"Residual Madness"