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See Brian "Head" Welch Play Korn Songs at Arizona High School

Nu-metal guitarist tears up an auditorium while kids lose their minds
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Earlier this year, we saw amazing video of a teenager singing Korn's "Twist" at his high-school's karaoke day. Unfortunately for him, that's now been one-upped by a literal member of Korn appearing at an official high-school event.

On September 20th, Brian "Head" Welch and his bandmates in the side project, Love and Death, paid a visit to a high school in Mesa, Arizona, for an event called Sceam 4 Me. The program, which also featured Alice Cooper during a Q&A session, was focused on helping young people take care of their mental health, but it also included a segment when Welch and his band took the stage and played through a handful of classic Korn cuts — in a high-school auditorium.

One TikToker was there to capture the action, captioning a video of Welch playing "Blind" with "bro came to a high-school," and uploading another clip of he and his band playing an instrumental version of "Here to Stay."

The whole time, you can hear kids screaming in the background, obviously incredibly stoked to be seeing the dude from Korn in the same room where they usually sit through boring assemblies. Watch the vids below via TikTok.

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