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See BTS' Choreographed Dance to Limp Bizkit's "Rollin'"

K-Pop stars throw their hands up, move in and move out during amazing routine

Who would've guessed that BTS are fans of Limp Bizkit? The global chart-smashing K-Pop stars are known for their elaborate dance routines and mainstream pop anthems, but in 2015, the group recorded a performance trailer that featured them dancing to a number of high-energy songs, including Limp Bizkit's iconic nu-metal rocker, "Rollin'." 

After busting out complicated choreography for an EDM banger, the group reposition themselves and then let loose to "Rollin'" while Fred Durst's voice sounds off atop the song's iconic guitar riff. It's the best anyone has ever looked while dancing to a Limp Bizkit song. 

Twitter user "crazy ass moments in nu metal history" also dug up a different instance when BTS performed their "Rollin'" routine live in front of a real audience, who lose their fucking shit while it happens. Watch the studio version above ("Rollin'" comes in at the 1:25 mark) and the live version below.