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See Burning Tongue Go Full Werewolf in "Howler" Video

New York metallic hardcore band embrace their lycanthropic side in new visual

Burning Tongue are a band from New York who make a crushing breed of heavy metallic hardcore with elements of grind and death metal. Their debut LP, Prisoner's Cinema, arrives later this week on Aqualamb Records, but today we're premiering the hysterical music video for the album's pulverizing second single, "Howler." 

Although Burning Tongue vocalist Chris Marotta could certainly be described as a "Howler" himself, this song's title actually refers to the noise that lycanthropic beasts make. We're talking werewolves, folks.

In the visual, a strange character named Ned wanders out of the woods and offers a few guys some mystery liquor. They happily oblige, but after a little while they realize something's up and suddenly morph into unbound wolfmen. Gallivanting throughout the forest ensues, and you'll have to watch the whole video to see where they end up. Check it out above via YouTube. 

Prisoner's Cinema is out October 29th and is currently available for pre-order