See Callous Daoboys' Insane Video for Spastic New Song "What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?" | Revolver

See Callous Daoboys' Insane Video for Spastic New Song "What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?"

Mathcore visionaries releasing new album 'Celebrity Therapist' later this fall

There's literally no other band in heavy music quite like the Callous Daoboys. The Atlanta seven-piece manage to turn mathcore — a genre that was once a subversive discombobulation of metalcore simplicity, but has since fallen victim to redundancy and convention — on its head with genuinely bewildering musical choices. Today (June 2nd),  they've announced their long-awaited new album, Celebrity Therapist (out this fall), and shared a mind-melting new song called "What Delicious? Who Swarms?" — and an equally thrilling video that we're proud to be premiering. 

Musically, it's a perfect introduction to the wild world of Daoboys. For every skronky guitar spasm and rhythmic tongue-twist, there's a majestically catchy chorus or a destructively heavy breakdown that actually rewards the ear with something singable or moshable. It's not just messy and weird for the hell of it, there's an actual purpose and intentionality to its structure, and so many sonic tidbits to sink your teeth into. 

The video is similarly eclectic. It depicts several members of the band trying to indoctrinate their desperate and world-weary singer into some kind of bizarre life-coach cult, like a dystopian Instagram wellness brand turned eerie and evangelical. Between the visual and the music, it's everything Callous Daoboys do best all in one package. Watch and listen above via YouTube. 

Celebrity Therapist is out September 2nd via MNRK Heavy and is now available for pre-order. See the cover art and tracklisting below. 

Callous Daoboys celebrity therapist cover art

Celebrity Therapist tracklisting: 
1. Violent Astrology
2. A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops
3. Beautiful Dude Missile
4. Title Track
5. Field Sobriety Practice
6. The Elephant Man In the Room
7. What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?
8. Star Baby