See THE CHISEL fend off leeches in hilarious new "Bloodsucker" video | Revolver

See THE CHISEL fend off leeches in hilarious new "Bloodsucker" video

Off U.K. oi-core crew's upcoming 'What a Fucking Nightmare'

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We all know 'em. The type of person who leeches to you and sucks the life out of the party with their incessant demands for attention.

"Bloodsucker" is how the The Chisel describe that special breed of hanger-on, and their new song is dedicated to telling those blokes to "fuck off." 

It's the fourth and final single from the U.K. oi-core band's forthcoming album What a Fucking Nightmare, and like the previous tracks, it's a hard-chargin' slice of scowly, beer-clankin', boot-stompin' punk rock that sounds both classic and refreshingly new. 

Listen above while you watch its hilarious video above via YouTube.

What a Fucking Nightmare is due out February 9th via Pure Noise Records, and it's now available for pre-order in a variety of formats. Revolver has teamed with the band on an exclusive "half black/half blood red with heavy white splatter" colored vinyl variant, limited to 250 copies.

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