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See Corey Taylor Rage in Kid Bookie's Dystopian New "Stuck in My Ways" Video

Slipknot frontman and U.K. rapper's fiery collaboration gets nightmarish visual
corey taylor slipknot stone sour GETTY 2017, Scott Dudelson/Getty Images
photograph by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Following the release of their straight fire collaboration in late March, Kid Bookie and Corey Taylor's "Stuck in My Ways" is back with the full video treatment. Set in a red-lit murder room scenario, the clip starts off with Bookie rapping to the camera while a mysterious man in a hazmat suit paces in the background, holding a sledgehammer across his shoulders and wearing a look of evil on his face. The scene cuts to a darker, more industrial location where bystanders get in on the track and begin to dance along.

As Taylor's verse cuts in, his face appears on the stacked televisions in the back, headphones on and rapping his minute-long part into a studio mic while the foreground actions rages on. A guitarist appears and the crowd begins to headbang as the Slipknot frontman's cameo comes to a close with the sledgehammer-wielding man smashing the piled-up TVs. As the song's intensity ratchets up, a full-on mosh pit breaks out and the scene ends with the crowd destroying every monitor in sight. Check it out below.