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See Crumbsuckers Singer Defend Hardcore's Positive Mission on 'Donahue' in 1986

Fiery talk-show segment on NYHC also includes Youth of Today, Nuclear Assault, Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, more

Revolver has teamed with Crumbsuckers for an exclusive Clear with Apple Red & Emerald Green Splatter variant of their 1986 debut Life of Dreams. Quantities are extremely limited — so get your copy before they're gone!

Eighties daytime talk shows were gold. From Geraldo Rivera's aggressive trolling to Phil Donahue's cautious compassion — the hosts presented an endless stream of ideological (and sometimes physical) collisions between guests and their live studio audiences.

For music fans, this often provided some truly epic standoffs between counter-culture youths and the conservative normies in the stands. One of the most memorable pairings was a 1986 episode of Donahue, in which the host invited members of the New York Hardcore scene on the show to seemingly defend aggressive music (and fashion choices) to squares. The segment features all the predictable parental questions: "how are you going to get a job with that hair," "why are you so angry," "what are you rebelling against?"

Panelist Jimmy Gestapo, of Murphy's Law, takes a stab at breaking it down. But it's Chris Notaro — frontman for Long Island crew Crumbsuckers (who had recently dropped their debut Life of Dreams) — who really nails it. Refusing the sensationalist bait, the singer instead offers up a positively articulate explanation with his take on the true mission of hardcore.

"A major element in hardcore music is concern," he says. "We notice problems in our society and we will express our dissatisfaction over them. And because of our true concern we will propose a solution to the problems. It's not like it's a dead-end where we're just complaining and griping [with] no solutions."

"Socially aware … that's a major thing, being socially aware with your surroundings," he continues, "... We're young people, we want to be known for making some changes… Fight the apathy."

The whole segment is a fascinating NYHC time capsule, and boasts a stacked audience filled with members of some of New York City's finest, including Agnostic Front, Youth of Today, Nuclear Assault, Cro-Mags and more. Watch the entire episode above — and score your own Crumbsuckers Life of Dreams vinyl at Revolver's store.