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See Cult Leader's Mesmerizing Performance of Death-Rock Song "To Achlys"

Post-hardcore outfit unleashed eclectic set of 'A Patient Man' favorites for Audiotree Live session

Cult Leader hit the top of their game when they dropped this year's masterpiece A Patient Man, particularly with sweeping unconventional tracks such as the morose lullaby "To Achlys" (and its stirring black and white video).

The song helped transform the album from tried-and-true Deathwish Inc. chaotic metalcore to a mature, cohesively off-kilter work of art. So it's no surprise a live performance would follow suit with its hypnotic charms and droning death-rock sensibility. Muted power and restrained passion shine through the reserved production, allowing the echoing beauty of of the composition to shine brightly against the red-lit backdrop of the stage.

The band also brought along their signature harsher tunes to perform for the folks behind Audiotree Live as well though, including frenzied, pounding banger "Sympathetic," the calculated and depressive "The Broken Right Hand of God," and the breakneck discordance of "I Am Healed." Intimate tight shots show each musician's concentration and precision, a cacophonous symphony of fury and gut-busting breakdowns. Singer Anthony Lucero delivers a stunning display of oppressive vitriol, but somehow he manages to thrash and claw his way through the set without losing the hood perched lightly on his head. 

See the full performance below, and read more on Lucero's turbulent relationship with God and healing in our interview from November.