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See the Damned Things Get Bloody in Hilarious Video for Raucous New Song "Cells"

Anthrax, Every Time I Die, Fall Out Boy supergroup detail new full-length album 'High Crimes'

The Damned Things, a heavy-metal outfit featuring members of Anthrax, Every Time I Die, Fall Out Boy, and Alkaline Trio, are back for the first time since their 2010 debut Ironiclast, and they brought with them even more hard-hitting riffs, exciting energy and hilarious antics with the video for single "Cells" from forthcoming sophomore effort High Crimes. Showing what appears to be a standard recording process, the quartet performs the track in a fun but expectable way. Just as you're lured into thinking this is a safe but good clip, the scene goes haywire and individual members start dropping like flies around vocalist Keith Buckley. 

First up for punishment is guitarist Scott Ian, who impales himself on a microphone stand after losing his balance while the bombastic Buckley thrashes about to the track. Bloody and lightly gory, the scene kicks off a run of bad luck with its madcap humor and B-movie qualities. Buckley's streak of carelessness leads to nothing but more injury, from smashing a beer bottle in guitarist Joe Trohman's face leading to a gnarly grill injury to an absent-minded vodka incident that leads to a studio electrocution for bassist Dan Andriano. 

Directed by Brandon Dermer, the ridiculous video echoes the fun had by all during the writing and recording process. "Normally, when career bands say they made a record for fun, they didn't - but we actually did," says Trohman. "Maybe that's why this band doesn't have a career? Anyway, we're genuinely proud of it." Career or not, the song is skillfully crafted and entertaining, with expert production exacted by renowned go-to Jay Rouston whose resumé includes the likes of Anthrax, Amon Amarth, Stone Sour, and Steel Panther. 

High Crimes is out Nuclear Blast Records on April 26th, with pre-orders available here. While no tour has been planned, the group will play Jacksonville, Florida festival Welcome To Rockville on May 4th, followed by a May 11th appearance at Rockingham, North Carolina's Epicenter Festival. See the official album art below. 

'High Crimes' by The Damned Things cover art