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See Dana Dentata's Brutal, 'Fight Club'–Inspired New "Lil Blood" Video

Rapper pulls no punches on lead single off forthcoming 'Daddy Loves You' EP

"I believe the correlation between rap and metal revolves around pain and darkness, so the two are similar, especially to me," rapper, former stripper and ex-metal musician Dana Dentata told us earlier this year. Her horror-rap sound is equally influenced by artists like DMX and Marilyn Manson (who she just opened for Halloween night in Las Vegas), as evidenced on her hard-hitting new track "Lil Blood" and its equally hard-hitting music video.

Performance-wise, as seen in the clip, Dentata nods to trailblazing performer Wendy O. Williams, whom she professed her love for in the same conversation. "[She] is a huge inspiration to me. She is one of the most underrated artists ever and, because I incorporate performance art into my shows, I will always give her credit where its due. I hope to one day chainsaw a guitar in half while topless in her honor."

Atop cyclical jagged riffs and low-rumbling beats, Dentata's ice cold lines are aggressive, confrontational and self-assured in a way that doesn't fucking play. "Consider that pussy I gave you charity/For all the bitches that are scared of me," she spits at the height of the song's tension while being propped up by a group of bloodied women gathered together for a beat-down scene taken straight out of an all-female reboot of Fight Club. The rabid violence only enhances the cool swagger of the down-tempo song, only two minutes long but with an attitude much bigger than the space it occupies. 

With this track comes with the announcement that Dentata will be self-releasing a new EP titled Daddy Loves You, on November 15th (see official album art below). In the meantime, you can stream or download "Lil Blood" here