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See Dave Grohl and Tenacious D's Epic "The Metal" Performance from 2010

Foo Fighters frontman sits behind kit for Jack Black and Kyle Gass' hesher anthem

Dave Grohl has had one of the most prolific careers in rock history. Beyond fronting the Foo Fighters and drumming with Nirvana, the one-time hardcore punker has a dizzying resume of collaborations that includes everyone from Nine Inch Nails and Tony Iommi to Queens of the Stone Age and Killing Joke — and dozens more. However, for all of his successes as a serious-minded player, one of Grohl's most cult-adored pairings is with the hard-rockin' comedy duo Tenacious D. The "Everlong" songwriter drummed on every song on the D's beloved 2006 album, The Pick of Destiny, and notably played Satan himself — the No. 1 enemy of Jack Black and Kyle Gass — in the accompanying musical film. 

The record — also featuring Ronnie James Dio, Meatloaf, John. C Reilly and Paul F. Tompkins — features many of Tenacious D's most popular songs, including their sizzlingly heavy ode to genre we know and love, "The Metal." In 2010, Grohl reunited with the band for a set BlizzCon and sat behind the kit for every song, including the blistering, "The Metal," which features some mind-bending rhythms that Grohl busted through in a hair-whipping frenzy. The band are joined on stage by costumed warrior knights who duke it out mid-song, but the star of the show is the guy keeping the beat pounding nonstop. Check it out above via YouTube.