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See Dave Mustaine Recall Trading Weed for LPs, Do Hilarious Lars Ulrich Impression

Megadeth frontman discusses boyhood antics, meeting Cliff Burton, Grammy win, more

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine is featured in the latest episode of Rolling Stone's video series The First Time, which — true to the title — finds musicians telling stories of their first experiences with music, money and more. In it, the frontman recalls trading weed for his first-ever record, AC/DC's Let There Be Rock ("I won't tell you exactly what I traded ... what I got came in shrink-wrap and what they got came in a Ziploc"), working as a paperboy at the tender age of nine ("I would ride my bicycle to the gas station and get a pack of cigarettes because I was bad back then"), walking up to receive Megadeth's first Grammy last year while the live band played Metallica's "Master of Puppets" ("I don't feel bad, because they did a really, really bad job of it") and more. Did we mention he does a mean Lars Ulrich impression? Because there's that, too.

Mustaine's trip down memory lane comes amid Megadeth's ongoing 35th anniversary celebrations, which kicked off with a violent music video for "Lying in State" released last January. The band are planning more releases and events in the coming months through the end of the year, including exclusive merchandise, giveaways and more. That said, don't expect their follow-up to 2016's Dystopia anytime soon: Asked by Metal Nation if a 2018 release was in the cards, bassist David Ellefson replied, "No, I don't think so," saying the band would rather take its time. "With Dystopia, we found that taking the time to just make the record as good as it really can possibly be — that stuff is so important," he explained, "so I think, along the lines of Dystopia, we're gonna make sure the record's great, rather than just having to hurry up and put it out."

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