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See DEFTONES cover BAD BRAINS with H.R. in 2012

Alt-metal leaders ripped through "Right Brigade" with one of their heroes

Listen closely to their music, and it's pretty obvious that Deftones are big-time Bad Brains fans. Singer Chino Moreno has frequently cited the hardcore-punk pioneers as one of his fave bands, pointing to "Fearless Vampire Killers" as the song that makes him want to stage-dive, and even forming a supergroup, Saudade, with Bad Brains alums Dr. Know and Mackie Jayson.

Clearly then it was a dream-come-true moment in Baltimore on October 26th, 2012, when Deftones welcomed the one and only H.R., Bad Brains' revered frontman, to join them for a exuberant performance of "Right Brigade," off the group's 1982 all-time classic self-titled debut album.

The moment was captured in HD video by Small Axe Films, and Moreno, in particular, seems over the moon, performing with a shit-eating grin the whole time as H.R. preens and postures, striking an eccentric presence onstage. There are no back flips, but it's a great watch nonetheless. Flashback above.