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See Deftones, Incubus, Adam Sandler Play Acoustic "Be Quiet and Drive" in 2000

Unlikely supergroup came together to promote Sandler's box-office bomb 'Little Nicky'

2000 was a magical year: Adam Sandler was still making (sometimes) funny movies, Incubus were reaching new heights in mainstream fame after releasing Make Yourself the year before, and Deftones were enjoying their reign among the leading acts in heavy music. In an acid flashback, all three entities collided in one special event where Sandler strummed an acoustic guitar alongside members of each band, with Brandon Boyd and Chino Moreno traded off crooning on a stripped-down version of Deftones' 1997 smash "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)." 

What makes this clip so strange isn't the very of-the-era combination of frequent touring partners Incubus and Deftones, but, of course, the presence of Sandler, specifically to promote his then-new film Little Nicky. The comedy revolves around Sandler starring as one of Satan's sons in competition with his brothers to see who will rule Hell for the next generation.

An enormous financial and critical failure, it's not a well-remembered film, but the soundtrack was pure late Ninties/early Aughts hard-rock gold. In addition to the artists featured in the clip, Linkin Park, Disturbed and Powerman 5000 all had songs in the film, and the snippets from the movie oddly and awkwardly interspersed with the performance footage above (no, you're not hallucinating) exemplify the truly nu-metal aesthetic the movie tried to convey, even as they clash with the gauzy, shoegazing vibe of the song. 

Take in the full, weird experience above, and watch through the end to catch a P.O.D. guest appearance for a big jam session wherein they all come together to sing the Steve Miller Band's retro classic "The Joker." WTF, indeed. 

Below, watch our in-depth documentary on the making and legacy of Deftones' Around the Fur: