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See Deftones Perform Rousing "Be Quiet and Drive" at Tiny Sacramento Club in 1997

Chino Moreno and Co. deliver unhinged early live take of 'Around the Fur' cut

In September 1997, Deftones were still riding the wave of success following the release of their seminal record Around the Fur earlier that year in March. Chino Moreno and Co. had been grinding for a decade at that point, but with that sophomore release the group's popularity had begun spreading like wildfire, gaining them loyal fans and widespread fame beyond the confines of their Sacramento roots. 

Following a four-month hiatus from live shows during the peak promotional period for Around the Fur, the band got back out onstage on September 11, 1997 at their hometown spot, 200-capacity venue The Press Club, to deliver a rousing live debut (according to of the now-beloved anthem "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)." The vintage footage shows Moreno during his bleach-blonde late Nineties days, bluntly telling the small but enthusiastic crowd, "This is our first show we've played in a long ass fuckin' time." 

The singer's chat with the crowd continues through meandering squeals of feedback, most of it inaudible, but the audio clears up in time to hear the crooner announce, "This song's called 'Be Quiet and Drive' ... everybody up." The band and audience members immediately begin jumping in unison as Moreno's iconic voice rings out over the distorted din of the band. The stoked crowd continues to bounce off one another, as the group tears through the gorgeously heavy track. Moreno ends the performance dripping in sweat, arms crossed in front of his chest before leaning over and yelling into the mic, "You know how we do it."

See Deftones' Chino Moreno and Stephen Carpenter share stories and insights behind their 1997 classic Around the Fur in our exclusive mini-doc below: