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See DEMI LOVATO dance to DISTURBED's "Down With the Sickness"

David Draiman approves
Disturbed demi lovato dancing screen

Demi Lovato is down with the sickness. The former Disney popstar-turned-gothy pop-punker posted a touching Valentine's Day tribute to her new beau, alt-rapper Jutes, and in one of the Instagram slides, Lovato shared a video of her and her lover dancing giddily to Disturbed's nu-metal anthem, "Down With the Sickness."

If Lovato expressing her love for metal comes as a surprise to you, it shouldn't. Of all the popstars who've dabbled in headbanging, Lovato might have the trvest track record of them all. Some of her favorite artists as a teen were Job For a Cowboy, Lamb of God and deathcore-era Bring Me the Horizon, and she once revealed that she saw Norwegian black-metal lords Dimmu Borgir and moshed so hard that she lost a shoe. 

Therefore, Disturbed is actually pretty tame for Lovato's taste, but it looked like she was having a helluva time busting moves with her honey while "Down With the Sickness" blared in the background. Even Disturbed frontman David Draiman gave Lovato's post a thumbs up, re-sharing her video on his own Instagram and commenting, "Demi Lovato getting down with the sickness."

Check out the video below via YouTube.