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See Devil Wears Prada's Eerie Video for Industrialized New Song "Time"

Metalcore chameleons offer up moody single from new album 'Color Decay'

Last month, metalcore trailblazers the Devil Wears Prada announced their highly anticipated eighth album, Color Decay, the follow-up to 2019's The Act LP and 2021's ZII EP. Previously, the band has teased it with a trio of singles — "Watchtower," "Sacrifice" and "Salt" — and now they've offered up another one called "Time." This one's got the band's signature dichotomy of catchy and crushing, but with a slightly more industrialized kick to the verse instrumentation and a particularly glowing, sing-along hook. It comes with an eerie video featuring each member of the band surrounded by ominous hooded figures, and you can watch and listen above via YouTube.

"Not to be too obvious, but this song is about how we are all victims to the passing of time," the band said in a press release. "It can feel so fast or too slow, but it is never on our side. That sentiment mixed with one of the heaviest riffs on the record and an industrial, almost-EDM format make it a standout."

"Our goal for 'Time' was to create an entirely new visual for the band," they added of its video. "Something that would fit the combination of aggressive riffs and the pulsing vibes in the song. Working with Chris and Kate again, their use of a dance troupe with amazing choreography really helps emphasize the chaotic feelings of speeding up and slowing down that the lyrics spell."

Color Decay is out September 16th via Solid State and is available for pre-order here.

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