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See Don Broco Clone David Beckham in New 'Star Trek'-Themed Music Video

U.K. rockers get nu-metal on latest single "Manchester Super Reds No. 1 Fan"

Revolver has teamed up with Don Broco for an exclusive vinyl variant of their new album, Amazing Things, on white wax. It's limited to 350 — order yours now before they're gone!

Don Broco are back with their fourth full-length, Amazing Things. It's set to arrive on September 17th, but the U.K. juggernaut are giving fans a taste with a new single called, "Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan," that's nu-metal as hell.

The Bedford, England, quartet have always teetered between stadium-sized alt-rock and post-hardcore, but this new track commits fully to the bouncy nu-metal life. With intense rapping during the verses, soaring singing in the choruses and a big, ol' crunchy riff throughout, Don Broco sound reinvigorated and ready to go on their follow-up to 2018's, Technology.

If you're wondering what's up with the oddly specific song title, that's when the music video comes into play. In the highly entertaining visual, the band get in over their heads while trying to create a clone army of soccer star David Beckham, which leads to an epic, intergalactic showdown. Check it out above via YouTube. 

Amazing Things is slated to arrive on September 17th via Sharptone Records. Peep Revolver's exclusive, limited-edition vinyl variant and the track list below.

Amazing Things track listing: 
"Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan"
"Swimwear Season"
"One True Prince"
"How Are You Done With Existing?"
"Bruce Willis"
"Revenge Body"
"Bad 4 Ur Health"
"Easter Sunday"