See Doom Trio Primitive Man's Nightmarish Video for New Song "Menacing" | Revolver

See Doom Trio Primitive Man's Nightmarish Video for New Song "Menacing"

Vocalist-guitarist Ethan McCarthy: "Life is messy"

Denver's Primitive Man are nothing if not uncompromising. Their music is mercilessly pummeling — a doomy, industrialized trudge through the depths of human despair, nihilistic, noisy and gnarled. Their visuals pull no punches, too — indeed, we deemed their hallucinatory 2018 music video for "Sugar Hole" to be the year's "most fucked-up." The group, led by vocalist-guitarist Ethan McCarthy, are prepping their third full-length, Immersion, for an August 14th release via extreme-metal stronghold Relapse Records — you can pre-order it now — and today, the trio have teamed with Revolver to premiere standout cut "Menacing" along with its highly disturbing video, directed by Neil C. Barrett and produced by Show & Tell Media. Watch and listen above.

"'Menacing' is about asking the unhinged whirlwind of chaos that controls life to guide you through the various trials and tribulations one might encounter," McCarthy tells us. "And in what ways that can mold/shape a person's character. I also speak on the lonely road that one can follow when they refuse to compromise on what they want in this life. Whatever that may be. And that there is a certain level of self-doubt and insanity that blankets all of this. Life is messy."