See EDM Star Rezz, Underoath's Aaron Gillespie Perform Moody New Collab "Falling" | Revolver

See EDM Star Rezz, Underoath's Aaron Gillespie Perform Moody New Collab "Falling"

Dance-music producer brought out metalcore singer-drummer at Vegas' Electric Daisy Carnival

For the uninitiated, Rezz is an EDM producer that pulls on the low end of bass music and dark techno's harder-hitting aspects and spellbinds it all together to create a spooky, extremely hypnotic sound. The heaviness of her music intersects well with metal and rock, and she's created some extremely sick remixes for the likes of Marilyn Manson and Rage Against the Machine, even incorporating Easter egg samples like the "oh-wah-ah-ah-ah" of Disturbed's David Draiman into her own tracks.

This July she's releasing a new EP, Beyond the Senses, and over the weekend, at Las Vegas' EDM megafest Electric Daisy Carnival, she performed one of its unreleased cuts, "Falling." Even cooler, she brought out the track's featured collaborator, Underoath drummer-singer Aaron Gillespie, to sing the song live. Gillespie gets to play in a different world than his own on the track, where Rezz kicks things off with a sort of moody and understated synth line that his voice pops over. When the song gets to its drop, it kicks like a motherfucker, casting a wave of bass that brings in Gillespie's lines of "caught in the middle" to add another layer of melody. As the track progresses, Gillespie's vocals sounds close to those in the life-or-death drama of Underoath, and it's all ramped up by Rezz's work. It's exciting to see and hear a collaboration like this, and both musicians were clearly having an insanely fun time performing it and getting in the zone together. We can't wait to see how Rezz crosses into metal next.