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See Evanescence Play "Take Cover" With 8-Year-Old Drummer

Kid prodigy joined Amy Lee and Co. onstage in Glasgow

Most eight-year-olds spend their time playing with toys, swinging on swings, and learning basic multiplication. Caleb Hayes isn't like other eight-year-olds; he's playing with internationally acclaimed rock bands. The elementary school-age drummer recently joined Evanescence onstage to play through a song at a tour stop in Glasgow. 

Hayes had previously been filmed playing a cover of Evanescence's "Take Cover" on Instagram, so when he showed up to the band's gig on November 17th, Amy Lee and Co. had to take the opportunity to jam with him in real-life. In videos posted to YouTube and Instagram, Hayes can be seen killing it from behind the kit while the rest of Evanescence (sans drummer Will Hunt, who was standing proudly nearby) ripped through "Take Cover" during their soundcheck.

See the adorable footage above and below via YouTube.