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See Evil Queen Vanquished in Amon Amarth's Bloody New Music Video

"Mjolner, Hammer of Thor" visual concludes epic Viking battle of previous 'Berserker' clips

Amon Amarth's latest record, Berserker, has brought with it a series of music videos that star an evil, horned queen delivered into the band's realm to fight one of the group's true Viking fans. The latest clip, which premiered today (June 5th), presents the final showdown between the two, set to the Berserker song "Mjolner, Hammer of Thor." 

An establishing shot focused on the pile of demon bodies left over from the battle fought in Amon Amarth's last video, for "Crack the Sky," sets the scene before the band exits the venue they've just played and chaos ensues. Our warrior hero, clad in the hide of a bear, steps outside as the group is seized with fear as the queen approaches, and a sword-versus-axe battle begins. 

Intermittent footage of the band's performance is spliced in, along with clips of the members chanting just outside the parking-lot brawl. Eventually, the queen lands a near-deadly blow, but singer Johan Hegg swoops in at just the last second with Thor's hammer, tossing it to his comrade so good can triumph over evil once more. 

See the full video above. Amon Amarth are currently on tour in Europe before they head back to the U.S. for more dates later this fall.