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See Faith No More-Approved Trio TombSnakes' Raucous New "Two Shakes" Video

Song written in spontaneous burst after hearing of Power Trip frontman Riley Gale's death

When a band is endorsed by Faith No More's Billy Gould, they're probably worth checking out. Such is the case with TombSnakes, a rowdy punk-rock crew featuring members of the Saint James Society and Vigilantics. "I didn't make the record with these guys, but I happened to be with them before, during and afterwards, and I witnessed both the discipline and balls-out approach they had toward the whole thing — open to wherever the music was taking them, period," Gould enthuses. "This might also be the first American band to do something like this fueled on rakija, but whatever the case, they did it, and they created a great document."

The document Gould's talking about is the band's imminent debut EP, No Graves, due out March 18th on Blank City. It's lead single is the simultaneously ass-kicking and ass-shaking "Two Shakes," which features True Widow's Nicole Estill and is getting its worldwide premiere right here right now, along with the tune's high-octane music video. Watch and listen above.

"At the height of the pandemic, a small group of friends comprised of members from the Saint James Society, Vigilantics, Form & Fate and True Widow were shacked up together in Silver City, New Mexico, trying to make the best of lockdown," TombSnakes bassist Brandon Burkart tells us. "One day, we received a care package in the mail from Billy Gould of Faith No More. He has a company named YEBIGA that makes and imports a spirit called rakija, which is native to Eastern Europe. Later that day, while we're sitting around a table shooting dice and bullshitting, Nicole Estill from True Widow got a text that Riley Gale of Power Trip had passed away. He and Nicole were old Dallas friends. Each of us had actually been at the very last Power Trip show in Dallas before the shutdown. It was a fucking tragedy to get that news, even for those of us that didn't know him, personally. Naturally, we put on a Power Trip record and just drank and raged and headbanged and screamed. We got primitive out there. After crushing the better part of two bottles of Yebiga, [Power Trip's] 'If Not Us Then Who' came on where the lyric is 'If not now than when, if not us, then who?' In our drunken stomp, we took that literally, pulled out some instruments and wrote this track 'Two Shakes.' Sonically, we made no attempt to sound like any other band, but ethically we wanted to just get busy right then and there. I think that's translated in the urgency and immediacy of 'Two Shakes.' It felt like we had to write that song exactly when we did."