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See "Feral Rock" Duo Coarse Explore NYC Underbelly in New "Hoax" Video

Former members of Old Wounds and Capsize evoke urban blight with gritty visual

According to Merriam-Webster's, the term "coarse" is defined as "rough" or "crude," which makes the word a fitting moniker for the new project from Brandon Gallagher (ex-Old Wounds) and Ryan Knowles (ex-Capsize). Coarse, the band, is rough and tumble, violent and furious, owing a debt to noisy, acrobatic hardcore heroes such as Botch while breaking into furious Crossed Out–style blasting hatred. If you're a fan of Converge, Cult Leader, Candy and their ilk, you should definitely tune in.

Like their music, the self-described "feral rock" duo's gritty new video for "Hoax" is also 100 percent removed from sunshine and kittens, instead splicing black-and-white footage of the worst parts of NYC (i.e. the trash, the crowds, the construction and all the frustration therein) together into a VHS collage of tense anger. The song "Hoax" is featured on Coarse's new six-track EP I, which is available via Deathwish. Fans can catch the band at their 2019 stops in Japan — see dates below.

Coarse tour dates:
3.20.19 - Tokyo, Japan @ Seata *
3.22.19 - Nagoya, Japan @ Reflect *
3.23.19 - Kyoto, Japan @ Growly *
3.24.19 - Osaka, Japan @ Hokage *
3.26.19 - Fukuoka, Japan @ Yojigen
4.28.19 - Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock 

*w/ Vision of Fatima